Root & Sprout products are some of the best I've ever had, and such great value! Most importantly, when I purchase from Root & Sprout, I know I am supporting some of the loveliest humans alive. Ashley, Calan, Don, and Liane (and their newest adorable assistant, Aubrey) put SO much love and care into their farm, and it shows in the quality and taste of their products. I HIGHLY recommend Root & Sprout to anyone looking for nutritious, delicious, spray-free produce, and grass-fed beef!

Lena B. - July 10, 2021

Fresh Vegetables
Raw Beef with Herbs and Spices

Where do I start? We have been receiving produce from Ashley for a few years now and I have yet to be disappointed. The vegetables are always fresh, great texture and colour and the flavour is oh so divine...that which you just can’t buy at the grocery store! And Don’s bread...Oh.My.Goodness...it really should be against the law to sell such yummy, addictive goodness! I savour ever morsel and I sometimes hide it from the family so I can have it all...ha ha...really though it’s that good! I was sooo excited to see this added to the R&S repertoire! And lastly...the beef! We recently bought a bundle of beef from Root & Sprout so as to have a good supply of meat for our BBQing pleasure. Well just let me say this is some of the best homegrown MB beef we have ever had. The steaks and burgers have been superb and so juicy and full of flavour. Well that’s it folks! Root & Sprout has been beyond a great experience for our family...gotta run now cause all this talk of such wholesome, mouth watering food food has me thinking about what’s for supper...I know new potatoes, spinach and a beef dish are certain to be on the table tonight! Thanks Root & Sprout for your dedication and hard work to bring your produce and goods to the table of our Westman homes! You rock!

Connie H. - July 26, 2020